Background On The Event

5 Years Strong in the Lowcountry

Culturally, the topic of health in the black community often goes overlooked. We don't talk about it enough when it comes to how we can improve it, prevent illness, and general awareness. The internet has become the only outlet for most when it comes to learning about your health.

The MNE Black Health Expo, formerly the AGB Black Health Expo, is an annual cultural health expo, typically held in the North Charleston, South Carolina area, but this year will be exclusively online ONLY, due to the current world health crisis. This is the 4th year of this event, and is organized and hosted by Melanated Natural Essentials and Exquisite Enterprises Inc. The event features black owned businesses within the health & wellness, and hospitality industries, as well as musical performances from a local musician of their choice, and several guest speakers. The guest speakers will speak on topics surrounding health and how people can be more proactive on it, as well as steps they can take to improve their health. This event is intended to be an annual celebration within the black community, but also a wake up call for people to make better decisions when it comes to their health.

As every year, this health expo will be an opportunity for us to come together to learn on one another, teach one another, and bond as a community in these uncertain times. We encourage everyone to join us for an afternoon of creating awareness by coming together as a community to celebrate and educate one another. Our Goals for this event our simple:

Educate our communities, as well as others, on the current state of black health and issues most relevant to it.

To teach attendees new strategies and techniques they can implement to improve their health & change bad health habits.

Create a safe and compassionate environment for black owned small businesses & brands to thrive within their communities.

Showcase the talented & knowledgable black owned brands and professionals within the health & wellness industries.

Presented By Melanated Natural Essentials

Melanated Natural Essentials, formerly known as Always Gift Baskets & Natural Essentials, is a health awareness & education brand, established by Damion and Dametria Owens in October of 2015. They both had a desire to contribute to their community, while building a legacy for their family, and filling a need in the black community. Health is an issue that goes overlooked and undiscussed often in the black community. The Owens family have created products of their own, called Melanated Natural Essentials, that will make you feel great and smell good, but encourage you to question and research the products that we consume and use on a daily basis.

Event Partner, Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Started in March of 2013, Exquisite Enterprises Inc. is a media and community conglomerate working to better our communities, and spread knowledge to the world in the most creative ways possible. The organization was created by Kimberly D. Bowman, who hosts the health expo every year.

Our Target Demographic

Our target demographic is particularly families and individuals within the black community. We aim to have a diverse group of vendors so that various generations can all find information helpful to them. The message we hope to communicate to them is the overall importance of making your health a priority in your everyday lives, as well as encouraging them to be curious about their health and make wise conscious decisions. This is the same message we want to encourage with this event.